Artifacts of the Inquisition

Arr.. there be rough waters ahead (Session 4)

Session 4

The session opens with the party still in port at Villanova, Vodacce. The party/crew begin preparations for their long voyage to Avalon.

Sean decides he’d like to speak to Valentina Villanova, though he won’t explain why. This meeting should prove to be quite a challenge as Valentina is the wife of the prince of the island who has a very dark reputation. Thus Sean and Flavio head out to the the Princes estate to stake the place out. The two sit down at a nearby restaurant and wait and watch. Sadly it seems they’re not to stealthy as Brutus walks out of the Palace and directly up to the pair greeting them. After telling them he’s come into favor with the Villanovas he pressures Flavio to reminisce about old times and catch up, who declines. As Sean and Flavio depart, their cover obviously blown Brutis warns Flavio that he’s got something in store for him.

Meanwhile Claudio is out shopping and recognizes his father, but decides to avoid making contact.

Sean, having failed to make contact with Valentina, asks Maureen if she can make contact, and she sets up a meeting. The three meet up, and Sean is warned about dangers in Avalon. He’s also told that mages from all countries are disappearing and may be showing up in Castille. After the meeting Maureen and Sean spend a little ‘quality’ time together.

Meanwhile a woman shows up looking for Flavio on the boat. Flavio is immediately suspicious that she’s an assassin, but she insists she’s been hired to ‘please him for the evening’... after a bit of evasion on Flavio’s part, another woman shows up claiming the same. A catfight (helped along significantly by Flavio) breaks out on the deck of the ship. As the other crew members return to the boat, sailors from all around the dock are watching the fight. Sean and Jaques break up the fight as more women pour down the dock yelling ‘Flavio… Flavio’... The women are put ashore and the gangplank raised and poor Flavio gets no female attention at all (be it pleasant or an assassination attempt).

After a discussion about finical reality the captain cedes control of the ship to Sean and the party and stays on as the first officer. Sylvia and Leon of the Knights of the Rose and Cross board and the ship sets sail.

Two weeks later, the ship finds itself in a dense fog during a late evening. Claudio is the officer of the watch and notices the sound of a nearby vessel and raises an alarm. The crew are barely out of their cots when a massive harpoon strikes the deck of the Escape… on the other end of the chain attached to that harpoon is the Sea Devil, a pirate ship painted black and red.

A battle ensues, during which shot from the Escape free “Big” Thom Flint held captive on the Sea Devil. Tom crosses the narrow gap between ships and after boarding the Escape is taken to Captain Sean, who immediately recognizes him from their shared childhood and releases and arms him. The battle goes on across the decks of both ships, with Sean, Tom and Claudio focusing on repelling boarders, while Felix and Flavio board the Sea Devil and attack it’s captain directly. After much fire is exchanged the Sea Devil goes to the bottom with all hands. Tom and Hector succeed in uncoupling the chain from the harpoon (freeing the Sea Devil to sink without taking the Escape with it).

In the end the party is wounded but thanks to the doctoring of Jaques not much worse for wear, and the Escape damaged (1 dramatic wound), with 5 crew members killed.

The ship and crew continue their voyage west.



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