Artifacts of the Inquisition

Blood in Carleon - Session 5

The morning bell wakes the party on a foggy morning… wherein they discover in the night the ship has been ported, in a Castillian port on the northern tip of the country. After the commander of the watch get’s a good tongue lashing, the ship resupplies and the party goes ashore.

While supplies are being loaded Tom and Sean hit a pub and bump into an Innish inkeeper that they know, who tells them that the town hasn’t yet felt the pains of the Cardinal and is still mostly free. Claudio and Flavio find themselves a doctor to care for Claudio’s wounds, and Felix meets a contact. All said and done the crew reboard the ship with a new doctor in tow and 6 brats of wealthy nobles fearing their persecution from the Cardinal. The older gals take to Tom and Flavio and the youngest boy becomes Sean’s shadow.

The voyage proceeds uneventfully to Avalon where the Escape makes port in the capitol of Carleon. Sean puts on his best coat and leads his comrades, with exception to the Silvia and Leon (the Rose and Cross aren’t really welcome in Avalon) to the castle to hold audience with Queen Elaine, and tell of their heroic destruction of the Castillian shipyards. The Queen greets them fondly and requests their company for reception ball 3 days later, and bids them off.

When the party returns to the ship they discover that in their absence, a superior of sorts showed up and talked Silvia and Leon into giving him the artifacts and they followed him, leaving no notice as to where they were headed. The gang scatters, using their connections to track down the mystery man, and are surprised to find that he is their intended Rose and Cross contact in the city. After scouting out the building from the outside, Flavio decides to break in to snoop… the party provides a distraction cuminating with Claudio and Felix entering and Sean ‘drunkenly’ throwing a bottle through the window. Flavio suspects a hidden compartment in the bottom floor, so the party waits until later in the evening, when the man should be out of the room. Later that night they break in again, and while Flavio, Felix and Claudio work on the hidden door, Tom and Sean go upstairs to question the man. Waking the man doesn’t go so well and and Sean, Tom and the man end up in a mexican stand-off that ends when Sean shoots both of the man’s hands disarming him. He’s not too cooperative, (and quite obviously evil) so Sean up’s the negotiation tactics and quality of the gene pool with a musketball to the man’s groin…. still unwilling to talk, Sean and Tom go downstairs to discover that the rest of the gang has found a hidden door and stairs to a basement. Inside the basement they find a disarmed and disrobed Silvia torturously tied down with barbed wire and generally in bad shape. Beyond they find a room with the artifacts and a dissected Leon. The man starts babbling on insanity and when Sean sees a wall with pictures of Leaon, Silvia, a number of other Rose and Cross members and Maureen he loses it puts a pistol to the mans chin and decorates the ceiling with grey matter.

The gang collects the evidence gets Sylvia to the hospital and buries Leon.



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