Artifacts of the Inquisition

Cloudy Isle (side quest, session 4.5)

On a foggy morning, Flavio, Sean, Sylvia, and Claudio di Balua wake on the Escape to find the rest of the crew sleeping and nearly impossible to rouse, even the officer of the watch is asleep at his post. Further disconcerting, there’s no wind in the sails despite the effects of the statues, and the ships no longer bobbing around indicating that she’s probably run aground.

While below decks checking on the crew Sean notices fate lines from The Crystal Angel and The Crystal Mermaid leading into the air and down into the ocean, Sean takes a dip to see how far they travel, sadly the one into the ocean is farther than he can go.

Back on deck Sean and the party discover the former Capt’n of the ship is missing along with his family, and Claudio climbs to the crows nest and sights land though the fog. So the 4 adventurers secure the ship and launch the dingy heading for land. After rowing that seems to go on forever the group finds themselves on a beach with almost idealic and beautiful scenery. They head inland.

After walking a ways Claudio’s fine tuned senses catch the sound of children laughing and the party heads off the path in that direction. Not wanting to get lost Flavio pulls out chalk to mark a tree where they are leaving the path but the chalk dosen’t seem to want to adhere to the tree so he backs up his mark by cutting a notch of the tree with his blade… this summons a “Ouch!!”... and the party meet The Lady of the Forest.

The Lady of the Forest tells the party that there’s a problem that needs fixing that they must solve before they can go home. She also gives Claudio a bag of nuts.

The party continues towards the sound of children eventually finding them and get them to lead the party to their settlement… more to come after I finish today’s labor.



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