Artifacts of the Inquisition

The Grand Ball - Session 6

On the morning of the Ball someone shows up dockside from the Castle and invites the crew to go to the Castle and get fitted for clothes and ready for the evening.

The Afternoon opens with some sporting competition… the highlight being a sword-fighting competition. Sean barely eeks out a victory against Flavio to claim the title of contender, but, despite being the best opponent in recent memory loses the final match against the queen’s champion… a katanna wielding man from the far east.

During the games Felix receives word that the children and Dr are missing from the boat.

Stories are shared around the dinner table… followed by dancing and more stories. After Flavio ‘may’ have spread some rumors amoung the ladies of the court… the Usuran ambassador gets quite drunk and challenges Flavio to ‘a shooting match followed by a sword fight to the death the following morning’.

As the night winds down the crew return to their rooms… Felix, Flavio and Tom sneak out to search the missing children but Sean and Claudio are unwilling to risk insulting the queen’s hospitality. While they’re gone a young woman show’s up at Claudio’s door, confessing an attraction for him and a depression that she’s to wed Sean…. when Sean hears this… he’s more then a little confused.

While walking the streets of Carleon at night, Felix, Flavio and Tom get into all sorts of fun. After visiting the boat, they get yanked about a nearby Usuran vessel (a ironclad in fact!) and play with booze and fire… Talking to people around where the children went missing they discover they’ve likely been kidnaped and will be sold into slavery, so they go back to the docks and break into the dock master’s officer to seek info… when they’ve got what they need they leave evidence suggesting that the drunk Usuran’s broke in. They then break into another boat and after LOTS.. I mean TONS… like hours and hours and hours… of searching they find a very poorly concealed hold hiding a number of children. As the ships setting out they sneak off with the children, but the girls and the Dr. are still missing. Following a lead they go brothel hopping thinking the girls might have been sold as sex slaves. Tom really enjoys this and the women enjoy him. Eventually they find the Brothel with one of the girls, but the other and the Dr were sent to the Montagine Consultant for the ‘after party’.... so The Three men, and the three whores Tom picked up head to the embassy.

Once they’re inside, Tom provides a distraction and the rest search… eventually they find the Dr upstairs in the Ambassador’s ‘sex dungeon’ of a bed room… break in, tie him up and swap one of their prostitutes for the Dr. suggesting that she whip the Ambassador till dawn. After pushing a rather unruly cook down the stairs they find the last missing girl in some sort of child sex fantasy room. They knock over lots of bottles and make it appear the cook’s drunk and playing around and make their escape.

The following morning Flavio and his second, Sean ready for the ‘shooting competition followed by a duel to the death’... but the Usuran, who’s still drunk from the night before isn’t up for the fight. Sean takes the opportunity to shame him and make an enemy.

The crew set sail to Vendel to drop off they child-cargo.



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