Artifacts of the Inquisition

The Long Jump - Session 8

The Escape due to arrive, the PCs lead the Vodacce ambassador, his staff, and some Knights away from the relative safty of the watch shop. They set out for the city walls, but on their way notice that the Escape is not where it’s supposed to be (floating over a nearby field). Actually, it’s floating in the lake, right next to the city. It’s under attack by 3 retrofitted fishing vessels. As the PC’s look watch their embattled vessel, rebel patrols on the ground spot them. Claudio leads the NPCs in jumping into the water, strapping the princess to his back, and attempts to swim to the Escape while Sean and Flavio hold off the patrols. Claudio and the NPCs (the ones that don’t drown) board the Escape on her gun deck and fight it out with some Fire Mages, while Sean and Flavio slaughter the brute patrols. As Claudio and Felix (who was hiding on board) fight the Fire mages below decks, the Red Cardinal appears with Stalin and a unknown figure. They assemble all the artifacts and create something like a slot machine, drop a ‘coin’ into it, and pull the lever, disappearing. Meanwhile on land, Flavio and Sean, lacking enemies decide to jump on to the boat…. 50 feet away. They both take a running start, and make the leap in epic fashion. Somehow the battle against fire mages on the gun deck dosen’t result in the gunpowder going off and Claudio and Felix put down the fire mages. On deck Flavio and Sean knock down a few and force the rest of the borders to surrender.



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