Dissident shipwright of El Morro. Lead the resistance and helped the PC's


Arturo was a shipwright in the military shipyard town of El Morro. He was forced to work day in and day out rebuilding the Castillian fleet… worked almost as hard as the slaves the the Castillian guards forced to work under him. The final straw was when his wife and child were arrested and thrown in the slave camp. Presumably, Arturo, along with 30 or so like minded workers, had been planning some sort of uprising for a while. They’d already covertly overstocked the defense towers with power, making them an easy target. When the party arrived he offered aid to the PC’s in exchange for the freedom of his wife.

During the ‘Battle of El Morro’ Arturo and his 30 allies bombed the towers and stole The Escape to aid in the liberation of the 1700 prisoners.

For the moment he’s taken command of ‘The Escape’ and is offering the PC’s any aid he’s able.


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