Felix Luc d'Ilsen

A Scarlet Pimpernel in the 7th Sea world


Felix is patterned off of Sir Percy Blakeney, the Scarlet Pimpernel. For those familiar with that story, the primary differences are:

  • He is Montaigne (French). Blakeney was English.
  • He travels, lately mostly to Castille, to rescue nobles (and non-nobles) to free them from the * Inquisition. Blakeney traveled to France to rescue French nobles from the Revolution (and guillotine).
  • He is not married, and has 2 younger sisters. The youngest sister is in Finishing School. The older sister is a member of the Queen’s (of Montaigne) court (providing the royal information connection if necessary). Blakeney was married, to the infamous Lady Blakeney.

He is a famous master of Montaigne word play, and often invited to other (Montaigne mostly) noble’s houses (occasionally the King’s court) for social, verbal repartee (he uses this as cover for traveling to other noble’s houses to coordinate rescues). Blakeney was a “fashion consultant” to the Prince of Wales. He and other like minded nobles have a loose alliance (contacts, if you will) to assist in the safe rescue and conduct of political prisoners. Blakeney had a group of men from an English gentlemen’s club to draw upon for support. Felix is the epitome of a Montaigne noble. He revels in verbal banter and one-upping those who dare to join him in verbal repartee. Physically, he is 6’ 0” and 170 lbs with black hair and brown/green eyes. A bit taller than most Montaigne, it is his most difficult aspect to disguise. He has an athletic build and wakes early in the morning for exercise before breaking his fast. He has trained in the Valroux fencing school. A true Montaigne, he will engage in tagging and repartee as normal course of sword fighting.

Felix and several other like-minded nobles form a loose secret society. They use a cypher developed by Felix to communicate. Where the Rose and Cross is concerned with the overt defense of wronged people, Felix and his network perform covert actions to deliver people from atrocities. Lately the Inquisition in Castille has taken up most of Felix’s efforts. Often the Rose and Cross will provide an obvious threat, providing cover and distraction for Felix, working alone or with another network member, to conduct a rescue mission.

The name of Felix Luc d’Ilsen is rarely mentioned to those he rescued, and he is often disguised to some degree during those efforts. He is fluent and literate in most of the world’s languages, and often uses non-Montaigne disguises. He puts great effort in to maintaining a low profile during missions, knowing the d’Ilsen estate could come under raids if his identity became known to those he freed captives from. As such, Felix’s reputation is primarily as a master Montaigne wordsmith. Any reputation from saving nobles and commoners are attributed to one of Felix’s aliases.

Felix’s parents run the d’Ilsen estate, managing the family’s wine and cheese business. Felix has developed a fine palette for both, and revels in his superior culinary knowledge. Felix has 2 younger sisters. All his family are aware of his espionage efforts. More than once a shipment of wine or cheese has been delivered by rescuees. The younger sister, Phebe, is in Charouse attending finishing school. She currently has the favor of the eldest son of the Duke of Crieux. The elder sister, Nicole, is also in Charouse as a member of the Queen’s court. She is keen about information relating to people needing rescue and the daring rescues performed. The sisters visit the d’Ilsen estate regularly and have plenty of court gossip.

Felix never passes at a chance to engage in verbal repartee. He sees it as practice, especially when it is conducted in a language besides Montaigne! He also never misses chances to listen to news, always looking for information that he may need to use for his next mission. He spends time listening to the world’s languages and dialects to insure his accents and local knowledge are true. He will buy a few rounds when he has encountered people with interesting speech or news, especially if he knows he has an imminent mission to the region they are from. He makes sure he drinks only a moderate amount. After all, the morning run comes a bit earlier for him than most people he is buying rounds for!

Recent History:

During a recent mission, a local contact of his turned out to be a member of the Rose and Crown (not unusually in itself). He informed Felix and a few other adventuresome types about a plot of the Red Bishop’s. At first the mission seemed covert in nature and posed no jeopardy to Felix. However, at the town of Placiaga, the job turned overt. Over 1700 people held in bondage needed rescue, and that the band of adventurers were able to do, delivering them to Vodacce. Though none of those rescued really had a good look at Felix, or learned his name, it proved difficult to hide his involvement upon their release. Luckily Timeo, a network contact of Felix’s, was in the Vodacce port and able to provide a conduit for many of the refugees.

The rescue trip brought the band far away from their initial Rose and Cross contact. The band needed to learn more of the Red Bishop’s plot, and for that they needed to contact the local Rose and Cross guild. The awkwardness Felix felt while resolving to meet with the local Rose and Cross guild was nothing compared to the awkwardness he felt after meeting them. Ever vigilant of his identity and mission, he failed to keep other’s in his band from expounding upon their rescue exploits …

... but then there was that accent, that flash of the eyes, that beautiful pout, that flowing hair catching the lantern light. Felix felt his guard drop upon seeing Sylvia, not only a Rose and Cross member, but the local guildmaster’s daughter! Felix was speechless, a rare moment though not the first time in his life. Will Felix ever get the time of day from her? Is she worth giving up the clandestine life? Will she ever be willing to move to Montaigne?

Felix Luc d'Ilsen

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