Adrenalin junky ex-noble


Stats: Brawn: 2 Finesse: 4 Resolve: 2 Wits: 2 Panache: 2

Apprentice Ambrogia – free left handed, +2 damage (remove) Vices: Reckless

Advantages: Left Handed Inheritance – 500 g

Background: Exiled – 1 HP Hated enemy (former “gang mate” who is annoyed I got off easily)- 1 HP

Languages: Vodace (literate) Montaigne Castille

Skills: Athletic: Climbing(3), footwork(3), sprinting(3), break fall (1), Throwing(1), Leaping(2), Swinging (1), Rolling(1) Fencing: Attack(3), Defense(1) Dirty Fighting: Attack(1) Courtier: Dancing(1), Fashion(2), Etiquette(2), Oratory(2), Lip Reading(1), Gossip(1) Criminal: Gambling(1), Shadowing(2), Stealth(2), Lock-picking(1) Streetwise: Perception(1), Socializing(2), Street Navigation(1) Ambrogia: Feint (1), Pommel Strike (1), Riposte(1), Exploit Witness[Ambrogia] (1)

Equipment Fancy clothes (belt, boots, cloak, coat, pants, shirts, gloves, hat) – (2 outfits, one colorful, one simple and dark) Money belt – with: 350 g Backpack with: Climbing gloves, crowbar, file, lockpicks, 50’ rope, grappling hook, chalk lantern, 3 hours of oil, bedroll small mirror, razor, soap

Weapons: Fencing Sword Main-gauche Knife (in boot)

Attack: Fencing Sword(L) attack: 8k3, damage: 4k2 Main Gauche® attack: 6k3, damage: 2k2



Flavio is thin and of average height. Typically, he dresses in typical extravagant, colorful Vodacci noblemen’s garb. He also has a patch indicating his membership in the Ambrogia sword school. However, he also keeps with him a set of dark, more practical clothes which he uses for his less legal exploits.

Flavio (he refuses to reveal his last name), is a study in contradictions. After much plying, you finally get him to reveal most of his history. The heir to a minor noble house, Flavio never completely fit in with noble life in Vodacci. He found the constant scheming and subtle backstabs to be boring. At some point, he wondered into a tavern for low leaves and commoners, and found their abruptness and tavern brawls refreshing. He joined a group of low-lives and thieves who hoped to use his wealth and connections.

Over time, he started getting more deeply involved with them. At one point, they asked him to help rob some gems from a noble Flavio knew. Since Flavio wasn’t particularly fond of the man, he agreed to help, using his connections to help get them in undetected. Flavio found the thrill of danger to be exhilarating, and soon started joining with them on more and more outrageous stunts.

Eventually, their luck caught up to them, and Flavio and all of his compatriots were captured attempting to break in to a well guarded house. Flavio’s companions were all sent to chain gangs or similar harsh punishments, but Flavio’s parents used with little influence they had to have him be merely exiled.

Flavio was thus exiled from the only city he had ever lived in, with no contacts and the knowledge that he had brought dishonor and shame on his family.

Since then, Flavio has been trying to figure out where his life is going. He goes between acting the well-mannered nobleman one day, and thrill seeking, getting drunk with the ships’ crew the next. In either case, he never backs down from a challenge or an insult.


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