Sean MacEarly O'Brian

Bar hoping, witty Inish noble.


Sean McEarly O’Brain, you’ve found out is his whole proper name. Though he usually uses Sean O’Brain. As you’re now his friends… if you ask, there’s meaning to his name. Sean’s his given name, Early (prefixed with the Mac), is his father’s name, and O’Brian is his family name (a member of the O’Brian family has historically been advisor to the king of Inishmore). He’ll throw his full name out when it might impress, as he’s often looking to impress. He seems to care a great deal about his reputation, and he’ll often spin tales of his exploits… Mostly these tales are of fist fights in Inishmore, women he’s conquested, the occasional story insulting Montaigne (the country… he’s slowly learning to respect our Montaigne companion as being an ‘unusual’ Montagine), there’s a story of rescuing a captain and helping repel boarders of a navy ship he served on as a boy (William served on that ship and chimes in on that story), and slightly embellished versions of the destruction of the Castallian navy (he always give credit to the party… after all destroying a navy/port and liberating a prison is more then enough glory to spread 4+ ways).

Physically, Sean is average height, 5’10", slim and quick. He’s extremely attractive (10 pt advantage worth), with brilliant green eyes, long red hair usually in a ponytail, and a neatly trimmed goatee, no hat. Aside from the goatee (and non-pointed ears), if fiction about elves exists in this world, you’d think he looks kinda like one. He often wears a long green jacket, very finely tailored, with golden trim. A brown leather vest underneath also finely crafted with gold buttons. And a nice but simple white long sleeve shirt under that. Plain but nice tan pants, and fine dark brown bucked boots adorn his legs. Around his waist he wars a red sash with a fine belt over it, the belt also has a strap going across his chest and over his shoulder (worn over the vest, under the jacket.) On this fine weapon belt he wears a beautifully crafted, ivory and gold handled saber. On the other side, he wears a matching ivory handled pistol. He refers to these as the twins, explaining that not all twins look alike! When he’s on land (or preparing for a fight) he’ll pack another 5 pistols on this belt, two in the back, 2 on the sides riding above and behind the twins and one in front on the shoulder strap, all in nice leather holsters. This has the effect of only the pistol in the front and the twins being plainly visible when he’s wearing his jacket. You’ve also notices he carries a small knife in his boot. This is of course one of many similar outfits he’d be wearing. Simply put, aside from a colorful sash, he’ll be wearing very finely made clothes with earth tones.

He wears only one piece of jewelry, a golden family signet ring on the ring finger of his left hand. If you ask him about it, he’ll explain that he was very close to his family and his parents died suddenly while he was studying in Vodacce (I can pick a province if it becomes relevant). Just recently he discovered he has a sister, she was hidden away from him for reasons he doesn’t know, but now he’s on a quest to find her and believes she’s in danger. He wears the ring were a wedding ring would be to always remind himself that his family is his first priority. You if you have a perception skill better then his, you sense that this probably isn’t the entire story… but he’s unwilling to share more.

As you well know, he drinks to excess, though it never seems to effect him much. He’ll gladly have a pint or 3 during a storm then climb up on the rigging. He also greatly enjoys good food.

His late parents were nobles in Inishmore, and the title passed down to him. He enjoys showing off his wealth (in the same way he enjoys telling stories of his conquests), but he does so in a muted way (much like his clothes), he’s quite generous with his money, and will often buy a round for the house. If you ask him about politics, he’s rather vague, he tries (and usually succeeds) to sound more experienced then he is. The Inish court is literally a crazy place. His youth was spent studying extensively, he went to both academy and university, and his home time was often spent studying court politics and the glamor magic he acquired from his father’s blood.

Sean very much enjoys being on the ‘Escape’, especially now that the 700 passengers are gone. Perhaps learned during the month of crowded decks, he’s happy up in the rigging and crows nest and will sit up there looking out at the ocean for hours. He seems to enjoy working ship, and actively helps the crew manning the rigging and lines. He sings well in Inish and Avalonian and will occasionally break into tune while working, he’s also taught a couple of Avalonian shantys to the crew, and hopefully they’ll sing with him while working. Oddly, he doesn’t seem to like the gun decks, and he always seems a bit uncomfortable in them.

He knows a bit about world politics, and due to Avalonian conflicts with Castille and Montagine in particular he’s often throwing insults their way. He favors the education and freedom of women to live as equals, and he’ll often talk about the way Vodacce oppresses it’s women. (Just looked this up to confirm) Aside from the courtesans they discourage reading and learning and generally keep the women down. He also, prior to his ‘productive’ encounter, has had a fascination with fate witches; he doesn’t have the stereotypical fear of them, but respects their power, which he refers to as limited but very useful. If asked, he formed these feelings while briefly studying there 3 years ago.

Recent History

On Vodacce Sean became intimately involved with Maureen a Fate Witch.

Sean MacEarly O'Brian

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