Tag: Knight of RnC


  • Sylvia

    Sylvia is the daughter of the Knight's of the Rose and Cross guild master of Vodacce. She's [[:maureen|Maureen's]] cousin, and was lead by Maureen to meet up with the PC's in Vodacce. Prior to the meeting Sylvia had no news of the PC's quest... and …

  • Leon

    A Vodacce Knight of the Rose and Cross. Along with [[:sylvia | Sylvia]] and [[:maureen | Maureen], he made the initial Vodacce contact with the PC's. Has a thing for Silvia but has never succeeded in getting her interested in him.

  • Vincent

    Vincent is the Knights of the Rose and Cross Vodacce Guild Leader. He is [[:sylvia | Sylvia's]] father and [[:maureen | Maureen's]] uncle. After meeting the PC's he directed them to a Knight contact in Avalon.